All estimates by appointment only

At Dream Team Collision, all estimates are free. We do all estimates by appointment in order for us to plan ahead and focus all of our attention on you and your vehicle’s needs. We are a smaller shop so we like to dedicate the proper time and attention to you and your vehicle. The average estimate can take up to 30 minutes depending on the type and amount of damage. Estimates are completed using state-of-the-art and industry-leading software from CCC One. All visible damage is assessed as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Based on today’s vehicle designs and advanced technology, there is always a chance hidden damage can be found, causing your estimate to change. It is impossible to provide a 100% accurate estimate until exterior panels are removed, part prices and availability are verified, a scan of your vehicle has been completed to check for system faults, and structural and mechanical components are thoroughly inspected. We do our absolute best to give fair, honest, and accurate quotes the first time, but we never assume damage until it can be seen. Click the link to schedule an appointment and let us see what we can do for you.

We now focus only on Tesla repairs. If you already have an estimate from your insurance company, still schedule an appointment with us and bring the copy of your insurance estimate and check with you. We do not honor any insurance company estimate. Instead, we will thoroughly review their quote and determine what changes will need to be made and come up with a repair plan. Insurance companies do not fix cars, they pay for cars to be fixed. Oftentimes their estimates are inaccurate and underwritten. They usually change because of hidden or missed damage found, a difference of opinion with the repair process, or differences in labor rates. We will work directly with your insurance company to cover any additional charges as best as possible to get your vehicle repaired correctly and in a timely fashion. If your insurance company does not cover the entire bill because of disagreement with labor rates, part-type usage, or differences of opinion with the repair, you maybe responsible to cover the unpaid balance. We will keep you informed throughout the process.