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    I hereby authorize Dream Team Collision, Inc. (DTC) to disassemble my vehicle as necessary for inspection and estimating purposes. I authorize DTC to perform and complete the estimated repair work on my vehicle. I authorize and acknowledge that DTC will input my basic personal information and my vehicle VIN number into CCC One estimating software for the purpose of estimating parts, labor, and materials. I acknowledge that DTC may enter this information into other third-party software or websites for purposes of estimating, parts ordering, filing insurance supplements, researching OEM procedures, diagnostics, and scanning. I authorize DTC to scan my vehicle as necessary to check for fault codes as part of the diagnostic and repair process. I grant employees of DTC permission to operate my vehicle for test-drive and inspection purposes. I authorize DTC to negotiate on my behalf, with the responsible insurance company, for the cost of repairs to my vehicle. I understand that the cost of repairs can increase if additional damage is found once the vehicle has been disassembled. DTC cannot guarantee an exact completion date for my vehicle due to several factors in the repair process (such as part delays, weather delays, insurance delays, hidden damage, etc). All projected completion dates are subject to change. DTC is not responsible for the cost of a rental vehicle while my vehicle is being repaired. I acknowledge that once my vehicle is ready, I will make arrangements to pick it up as soon as possible. If I do not pick my vehicle up within 3 days of completion and have not made prior arrangements with DTC then I will be responsible for storage charges at a rate of $70.00 per day.


    I appoint Dream Team Collision, Inc. as my attorney in fact, to accept on my behalf all checks, drafts, or bills of exchange, and to endorse all such checks, drafts, or bills of exchange for deposit to the DTC account, as credit on my account for repairs of my vehicle.


    DTC will order any necessary parts required to repair my vehicle and I personally accept payment responsibility for those parts should I cancel my appointment. Restocking fees may apply. A part deposit may be required. Old parts removed from my vehicle will be junked unless otherwise instructed by prior written notice. If I choose to keep my parts, a core charge may apply. DTC recommends the use of new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts unless special circumstances arise (backorder parts, etc). If competitive parts exist for my vehicle and DTC offers an OEM price-match upgrade or if I pay the difference, I understand that the warranty of the OEM part(s) follows the manufacturer's warranty period. DTC is not responsible for replacement of the OEM part(s) should the part(s) fail after the manufacturer's warranty period has expired. I understand that my insurance company may only authorize and pay for aftermarket parts. It will be my responsibility to pay the difference in price if I want OEM parts replaced on my vehicle. I release DTC of liability for usage of used or aftermarket parts if a used or aftermarket part fails for poor quality or performance.


    An expressed mechanics lien is acknowledged on my vehicle to secure the cost of repairs. I agree to pay reasonable attorney fees and court costs in the event legal action is necessary to enforce this contract.


    DTC is not responsible for loss or damage to my vehicle in case of fire, theft, weather, or any cause beyond their control. I acknowledge that it may be necessary to have outside companies do sublet work on my vehicle. DTC makes every effort to protect and safeguard articles left in my vehicle; however, DTC is not responsible for such articles in the event of theft or damage. I will remove personal items from my vehicle before leaving it with DTC.

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