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For your Tesla, late-model, or luxury vehicle

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Paintless dent removal, or PDR as it’s known, is a specialized method of removing small dings and dents in outer body panels of your vehicle without having to disturb the exterior finish, saving significant time and money. This method can be utilized for insurance repairs and out-of-pocket repairs. A successful PDR will result in making the former dings completely undetectable. Whether you have one unsightly door ding or a roof with multiple hail or acorn dings, paintless dent removal may be an option for you. Not all dings or dents will qualify. It depends on the size of the ding, the amount of dings, the location, and the type of material of the affected panel. This will not work for dings or dents to plastic bumper covers. There are several benefits to PDR such as cost savings over traditional repair, the ability to maintain the factory finish, limited intrusion and invasiveness to your vehicle, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, unless otherwise stated. We use only the best local specialist for this procedure and you will only be charged if the dings can be removed. Just schedule an estimate appointment so we can see the vehicle and determine if this option will work for you.

Wheel Repair

Do you have unsightly curb scrapes around the edges of your wheels? At Dream Team Collision, we can take care of that for you. There are several factors which will determine if a wheel is repairable, such as style, material, and extent of damage. The most common type of wheel and also the most repairable option is the standard painted aluminum wheel. The chrome and machine-faced wheels are typically not repairable and require replacement. Schedule an appointment with us so we can see what needs to be done for your vehicle. We will determine if it’s best to repair and paint your wheel in-house or use the best local wheel repair company to fix your damage, depending on the type of damage and what’s most cost effective for you. If your wheel needs to be replaced, we can replace it with a new factory part. If you are wanting to save on cost, there are companies who sell like-new reconditioned factory wheels at a fraction of the cost of the dealer. We will give you options and let you decide what is best within your budget and preferences.

Pin Striping

Whichever type of repair, collision or cosmetic, often there is a need to reapply pin stripes. Even if your vehicle hasn’t been involved in an accident and you want to add stripes to your vehicle, Dream Team Collision can get it done. Pin stripes are most commonly applied with tape but some are done with paint. We use the absolute best local stripe vendors depending on whether it’s tape or paint. There’s an endless choice of colors, styles, and sizes that will be matched up to your vehicle. Beyond stripes, we can also apply decals, clear stone guards, blackout tape around door frames, door edge guards, and wheel opening moldings. If it was on your vehicle before your accident, it will be reapplied accordingly. If you’d like to add something to your vehicle, be sure to let us know during your scheduled appointment.


All vehicles with an overnight repair at Dream Team Collision are automatically eligible for an interior vacuum and an exterior wash at no extra charge. For an additional charge of $35.00, we can offer some additional detailing that includes an interior wipe-down with all-purpose cleaner, interior glass cleaning (excluding back glass on small vehicles), wheel cleaning, exterior glass cleaning, and exterior panels treated with spray wax. Interior stains to seats and carpets are not included. This service applies to all vehicles manufactured within the last 10 years. Please let us know if you would like the additional cleaning by marking the appropriate line on our authorization form at time of drop-off. We do not offer this as a stand-alone service at this time.

Headlamp Restoration

Along with standard detailing, Dream Team Collision can correct most faded and yellowed headlamps. Most headlamp lenses today are made of plastic and often can quickly turn yellow and cloudy from exposure to the sun and the elements. Most of the time, you do not have to replace your lamps. Lamps are typically sold as complete assemblies and can be very expensive. There is a basic step-by-step process of wet sanding and buffing that can erase that hazy appearance off your headlamp lenses and restore that clear appearance for maximum headlamp efficiency. For headlamps in worse shape, they may need to be removed, sanded, and re-clear coated. If you are wanting to improve the look of your headlamps or you are due for a state inspection, be sure to schedule an appointment for your headlamp restoration today. Pricing will vary depending on the condition of your lamps.

Tow Assistance

If your vehicle was involved in an accident and is no longer safe to drive, give Dream Team Collision a call. We can arrange the pickup of your vehicle from any location in the area using the best local tow company. We can arrange pickup based on your schedule and what’s most convenient for you. In most cases, your insurance company can also make the arrangements for you and most likely this charge will be covered by your policy. When your vehicle arrives to our shop, we will prepare an honest and accurate appraisal as soon as possible, develop a repair plan, and give you a timeline for your repairs. Please note, we will need you to sign our authorization form first in order for us to pull your vehicle into our shop, run scans and diagnostics, and remove exterior panels to get full visibility to properly assess the damage.

Rental Assistance

When you’re vehicle is at our shop for repairs, you may need a rental vehicle for day-to-day transportation until your vehicle is ready for pickup. The average repair can take 5-9 days but more severe damage could take up to several weeks to fix. If you have rental transportation coverage on your insurance policy, your insurance company will pay for the rental car for the duration of the repairs or until you reach your policy maximum. If you do not have rental coverage, we can still arrange a rental pickup for you at our shop. You may be able to get a discount from the rental company if you are insured with one of their partners. We typically use Enterprise or Hertz. Once you arrive to our shop to drop off your vehicle, we can call the rental company for you and they will send a driver to come pick you up.